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Leadership Matters!

My Vision for Holmdel?
Ron Emma will:


  • Maintain public safety as an unwavering priority

  • Serve solely in the best interest of Holmdel residents

  • Govern in an open and transparent manner

  • Oppose unethical conflicts and policies

  • Continue steadfast fiscal responsibility

  • Preserve open space and protect the environment

  • Pursue fair and equitable recreation improvements

1. Reduce property tax by looking at managing the library ourselves and possibly save $200-500K annually.

2. Add more open space to the Recreation & Open Space Inventory ("ROSI") list.  This will reduce our future affordable housing obligations.

3. Make the necessary improvements for fire safety to upgrade our community fire rating and reduce our homeowners' insurance premium, an indirect tax burden to Holmdel residents since the closing of Fire Company #1.

4. Continue to make public safety a priority - issue a bond to make the necessary improvements to facilities for our Police and EMS.

5. Explore and consider a suitable location, in an open and transparent manner, for a turf field to be used by Holmdel children.

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