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He will serve solely in the best interest of Holmdel residents!

March 29, 2021

Ron Emma announces his candidacy for Holmdel Township Committee


Dear Fellow Republican:


We are excited to announce the candidacy of Ron Emma.


Ron is currently on the Planning Board and had served as an HYAA coach in basketball and softball.  He has been a strong advocate for public safety.  As a Charter Member of the Holmdel resident group FAST, Ron was very vocal in pushing for a centrally located firehouse and much-needed new fire engine.   A new fire engine was just delivered this March and a new firehouse is now being constructed next to the Holmdel U.S. Post office, more than six years after Fire Company #1 was disbanded in 2014 that exposed half of Holmdel without adequate fire coverage.



As a Vice President in a global supply chain company, Ron has extensive experience in sales, marketing, operations, and management.  He is a great listener and a decisive decision-maker.



Ron, a Holmdel resident for 15 years, is married with a daughter who is a Holmdel student.


Let’s continue with the momentum for an open and transparent governing body that will govern with integrity and in the best interests of Holmdel residents.  This is the kind of leadership we need and deserve in Holmdel, especially in these troubled times.


Vote for Ron Emma in the upcoming June Republican primary!


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